When I heard Apple is calling it the ‘new iPad’ I thought it was a joke and I still can’t believe it. I know that Apple doesn’t give it’s other lines numbers but it makes a lot more sense for iPads and iPhones. I don’t need to justify that – just think about it and try to find a case for the new iPad next year and make sure it’s compatible with the then new iPad (the newer iPad perhaps?). And the opportunity for a name like HD was there so it was simple enough to give it a distinct name. It’s silly at best but as time goes on and the ‘really the newest iPad’ is released then it gets even stupider.

Of course, hard to have this conversation while I hold a Windows Phone in my hand. It lacks Windows (only full screen apps here) and quite frankly the Windows name doesn’t have a ton of good will attached to it. Microsoft had a few good names in the past – like Xbox, Bing and Zune (regardless of the product) and then they just gave up. It’s confusing because they renamed the Windows Mobile devices as Windows Phones and again, a chance for a clear break was missed.

More than enough for me – which marketing misstep is worse? Sound off


  1. The “New ipad” is guaranteed to succeed,
    “Windows Phone” does not have a clear future. No matter what you call it.

  2. It’s not any worse than Google calling their App. Market, “Google Play”.
    Google Play is the stupidest, most childish name I think I have ever heard!!!!!!



    It’s just the new ‘iPad’.

    Anyway, I know what you mean by this, but it’s the same across their entire line of products EXCEPT when you’re talking about the iPhone or the iPad. I’m sure people can figure out that they have a 3rd gen iPad or a 5th gen iPhone….

  4. @Murali, no they will call it as “new new iPad” and so forth they will prefix new every year. Sorry I know I am trolling, but couldn’t control. ;-)

  5. It doesn’t matter what they call people will buy this guaranteed
    Windows phone is the new cool around the world

  6. The biggest fail for WP7, isn’t the name. Left a bad taste in Verizon’s mouth, when MS introduced the Kin, only to abandon it a few months later. It didn’t do well for customer brand loyalty either.

    With that said, the iPad will sell, regardless of what you call it and WP7, while a great product, suffers from brand mistrust of Microsoft’s past efforts or lack there of for mobile devices and a name disassociation in this case, may have been a good thing. Giving WP7 a name not related directly to MS, would have been much better, for example, “Nokia Metro”. Expresses Microsoft’s OS design, while not associating directly to Microsoft.

  7. Please don’t compare kin to wp7.. I believe kin was a project by MSFT,they want to see if it works to do it there own product and hardware,unfortunately it didn’t,because that year was blackberry vs iPhone..time changes Android is no.1 MSFT is catching up…
    No.1 means death..
    Apple iPad is not innovating anymore they create nice things…

  8. Ok Harris, I think we need a new poll of “non techie” mobile phone users. Did you know that Microsoft makes Smartphones? Yes/No. Knowing that, would you consider purchasing a Smartphone running the Microsoft OS? Yes/No. I bet the results would be surprising.

  9. Comparing Kin to WP7 is silly. They shared minimal design elements, and no one knew about the KIN phones anyway.

    @Jim, I agree. The poll results would be very surprising to Windows phone fans. The ‘windows’ mobile market simply doesn’t exist outside of techie groups. Ask 100 people on the street if they’ve heard of the iPhone or iPad or an Android phone, and you’ll probably get around 95-99% ‘yes’. Ask that same 100 people about windows phones, or Windows 8 for that matter.

  10. @iChris, well the ‘windows’ mobile market is being pulled out and so you don’t expect anyone to actually notice it. Window 8 is not yet released. Once it is released you will see a lot of Windows 8 laptops, desktops in the stores and then please go ahead and ask you will see 100% responding back saying yes to Windows 8. You are trying to bring something out of thin air like comparing a non-existent one with existing ones there. peace. :D

  11. It doesn’t matter what apple calls its products, it will sell..
    to all windowsphone haters..shut the hell up!!!!
    Obviously you all don’t have any idea what’s going on with the windowsphone platform.. The phones are nice but the android platform is just fucked up..

  12. Wasn’t comparing the OS’s, just stating the probable reason behind Verizon’s lack of support for WP7. They were all in with the Kin, MS decided not to support it anymore, with being on the market less than a year, and it left quite a few customers on VZN network more than a little unhappy about it. My point to mentioning this was, if VZN were willing to support WP7 with more than just one first Gen device at the time it was released, i think WP would have had a much larger user base than it does now. Yes, marketing is a good portion of it but, who is marketing your product is, too and I doubt the current name had a whole lot to do with it.

    I hope that was much clearer for you.

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