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Which Name Is Worse? The New iPad or Windows Phone?

When I heard Apple is calling it the ‘new iPad’ I thought it was a joke and I still can’t believe it. I know that Apple doesn’t give it’s other lines numbers but it makes a lot more sense for iPads and iPhones. I don’t need to justify that – just think about it and try to find a case for the new iPad next year and make sure it’s compatible with the then new iPad (the newer iPad perhaps?). And the opportunity for a name like HD was there so it was simple enough to give it a distinct name. It’s silly at best but as time goes on and the ‘really the newest iPad’ is released then it gets even stupider.

Of course, hard to have this conversation while I hold a Windows Phone in my hand. It lacks Windows (only full screen apps here) and quite frankly the Windows name doesn’t have a ton of good will attached to it. Microsoft had a few good names in the past – like Xbox, Bing and Zune (regardless of the product) and then they just gave up. It’s confusing because they renamed the Windows Mobile devices as Windows Phones and again, a chance for a clear break was missed.

More than enough for me – which marketing misstep is worse? Sound off