I see a new AT&T app in the Windows phone marketplace, possibly lined to the timing of a certain hero phone:

Upgrading to a new AT&T phone? AT&T Mobile Transfer migrates contacts, photos to and from select AT&T wireless phones. AT&T is offering this application as a free service for any AT&T wireless subscriber.

Customers upgrading their phones can transfer up to 2GB of photos using this wireless service. While this can be done over any data network, AT&T recommends using Wi-Fi for doing the migration. Data network charges may apply for 2G, 3G or 4G usage.

Here’s the link but it will only work if you’re an AT&T subscriber. It’s not yet active under the AT&T Features tab in marketplace and their website doesn’t list WP as a supported OS. And notably missing are videos since you can’t sync them as the OS doesn’t support it (that hurts every time I think about it).


  1. Hmm, this is probably what my rep was talking about on Sunday. He reminded me to make sure I bring in my Surround so they could transfer data. I told him, no need. Just enter my Live ID into the 900 and all will be good.

    Although my Surround should work just fine over WiFi (post SIM) I would rather not confuse Zune Desktop. So I will be sure to sync everything before I migrate to the Nokia 900.

  2. I can’t upgrade phones until Microsoft or AT&T are able to move text messages from one phone to the other..

  3. Not trying to be a hard ass. Just curious. What is so important in a text message that it needs to be retained. If it’s only a few, you can cut/paste the contents into a text file or OneNote. If it’s many, what am I missing?

    On the other hand, if it has something to do with a legal or personal issue, no need to explain. I understand. My curiousity is for a typical user.

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