Am I the only one thinking that the copy/paste implementation for Windows Phone 7 looks like Windows 98?

I mean, hey, Apple already showed how to do it, Google copied as they often do and made it quite good, but this… this doesn’t look so great…

The arrows are clearly not finger friendly, the icon looks like it was taken from Windows – can it be that this is a fake running on Windows Mobile?

See for yourself:


  1. How about:

    It’s beta.
    Not ready for RTM.
    An early build.

    You can clearly see that this implementation isn’t design with Metro in mind, so why would you even think they would push it out in that state to the end-user?
    Save your criticism for the final update, unless your just hunting for clicks.

  2. I love how you think you are somehow introducing this to people – you are way behind. People have already made the exact same comments and more days ago. You don’t have anything new to offer and freeway has already rounded destroyed even the basic points you have to make

  3. “the arrows are clearly not finger friendly”
    How do you know this?
    So you have use this copy and paste on Samsung Taylor and can say so?

  4. The story about this copy/paste video was posted on other sites about a week ago, but if your goal was just to publish a pointless opinion piece that could’ve been summed up in a Tweet, then I guess a week delay is fine.

    Sidenote: As committed as the WP7 team is I don’t think they’re going to push out any final updates that don’t jive with the Metro look.

  5. Funny, but not surprising I suppose if you think about it, how testy these people are… almost as if they proudly dove from a scrapped joke of a platform to a renamed platform that still no one cares about other than them and now that they’re in their little raft together they’re primed to call for a writer’s expulsion from some blog who’s pointing out that something or other still needs improvement and accuse him of “click hunting” as if websites are supposed to be uninterested in things like traffic. Meanwhile their platform is being spread throughout the world as if Microsoft didn’t care about adoption.

    Sensitive douchebags.

  6. @Doug Simmons:

    Wait, so you’re saying that, because websites want traffic that intentionally inflammatory posts are OK? Really?

    Also, it’s redundant to say something needs improvement when it’s in beta/an unfinished state. That’s like saying how Chrome OS needs some performance tweaks. No shit. That’s why it’s not available to the general public yet.

  7. @Doug Simmons: Yeah I have a Samsung Vibrant. This is just a shitty post made up of ancient information and 0 insight. Of course it is a shade above the fanboi tripe you embarrassingly spout in this site pretty much defining the term douchebag.

  8. @Doug Simmons…I guess name calling is a good sidestep to avoid the point, which is that this article is pointless and misleading. The author is calling a features implementation awful, which would be fine if he’d made it clear in the article that the feature is in complete beta and that he himself hasn’t actually layed a finger on it, nor anyone else in the general public but some developers.

  9. One of the great things about blogging is that you can be supportive about a topic and people will just nod and think: “hmm… nice…” , but once you criticize something they like or compare it to something else (like saying, iPhone’s finger gestures still feels much better than Android) – people will cast stones at you.

    Oh well, fortunately that is not my first time… 

    I guess I do owe an apology to Microsoft and all the readers who care about WP7 for not reminding it’s a beta/POC…

  10. Again I say this pointless article was a tweet…..wp7 copy/paste doesn’t look very good from vid of beta. See, how hard was that? Also, as others said this video was posted on this site nearly a week ago, and that author was pretty negative too. So why another article just restating the old one?

  11. Zeesh, a bunch of sensitive little girls. I am a proud owner of a Samsung Focus and didn’t get my panties all up in a bunch, and I had already read articles on this, including on this site. Also, anyone who is saying it is unfinished and unpolished and yadda yadda is guessing and hoping. We don’t know how unfinished this implementation is, but we do know people don’t seem to like it too much. That to me is worth reiterating.

  12. Gil is the owner of Mobile Spoon and a good friend of mine for a long time. He contributes over here at mobility digest with greatest appreciation and support. He may have just not noticed that it was written about already since he is not a ft writer here so let’s cut him some slack. His contributions to the mobility community are too many to count so let’s sta

  13. If Gil had ever posted anything in front of a Windows audience he knew what he was getting into here and I imagine he’s hanging in there.

    From where I’m sitting it was a good post, most read and posted upon yesterday and today with a few dozen referrals. In terms of being inflammatory, not only does it not read like an attack to me, he even suggested it might be a fake. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    Personally I don’t know what the big deal is about copy and pasting on a phone and the flame wars behind it. Kind of like how the Windows crowd rips on Android for not having Netflix yet. Who cares.

    If it were my platform in a context like this, I’d shrug it off with a retort along the lines of Yeah well maybe if you guys had any capacity for originality you wouldn’t need copy pasting either, you bloody wankers.

  14. I don’t think it was necessary to personally attack the author (Gil in this case). And being ‘sensitive’ has nothing to do with it, at least not for me. I don’t have a Windows Phone and don’t plan to buy one, but seeing an ‘obvious statement is obvious’ post like this … well, I don’t know. I’d rather read another well written editorial how Microsoft fucked up in the past and how WP7 still isn’t on par with the rest, than something like ‘z0mg, this beta shit looks awful!!!11’. A good mobile news platform like Mobility Digest shouldn’t be used for a personal rant like this. And if Gil didn’t see the news post a week ago, then he obviously didn’t do his homework. No offense. Doing research is part of our beloved journalism (and yeah, blogging *is* journalism, imo). I think the reactions would’ve been much better, if he wrote more than three sentences. Again, it’s nothing personal against Gil, but I don’t think something like this suits MD. It’s not like this is not a shitty fanboy blog like WMPowerUser.

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