Lately we’ve been seeing some pretty basic and bland apps demo’d for Windows Phone 7.  Its leaving a very bad taste in the mouth of others in the blogosphere.  Some have started to question whether apps will be locked and trapped in the sea of blandness.  The above picture of the WP7 version of the Associated Press app shows this isn’t the case but is it the norm or an exception?

Ever since the debut of WP7 there has been a gold standard of App design.  Clarity Consulting has given us a vision of what apps on WP7 could and should look like.  Check the gallery below:

The #1 reason I was intrigued by Windows Phone 7 is because it is the best platform to combine the beauty of graphic design with the ease of panorama control.  The developer can actually tell a story through the accompanying design.  As both a professional video editor and graphic designer this is a match made in heaven.

So next time we see a bland, monotone app come down the pike don’t be afraid to send it back to the developer.  Nothing wrong with making sure the developers step their game up, they have the tools and there is an entire industry that could take their app to the next level.  Taking Metro to Billboard status!


  1. You have to remember, not everyone is going to show off their Apps before launch. A lot of the apps that we see coming out, especially posted on this site, aren’t super high profile app developers.

  2. it’s also worth noting that some recent apps from ms were shown for developers. they were done to provide source code to developers to build off of and not for ms too show off polished apps. ms stated this but the guys that write most of the blogs out there didn’t watch the chanel 9 release. instead they regurgitated talking points.

  3. @jimski:

    Unfortunately, the market has proven this to be untrue. The whole tirade against Windows Mobile because it is ugly, even though it’s functionality is immense, is proof of that. Another proof is the iPhone. Sadly, most consumers care more about the Razzle Dazzle more so than the functionality.

  4. I know alot of apps that we’re seeing are just devs showing what is possible and what they are working on and not “market ready” apps. Its just that by showcasing apps in pre-alpha stages people are erroneously starting to thing thats allt here will be to WP7 apps. This we both know is patently not true. I really want WP7 to blow the socks off of the market when it hits so I want everyone associated with WP7 (MS, devs, OEMs, Carriers) to bring their A game.

  5. While eye candy, panoromic view, and other graphic attributes are nice, functionality is sill the most important feature and the definition of a good app (or game). I hope with the new toolkit available the developers don’t put too much focus on the former and forget about the later.

  6. @Murani

    Great article by the way. I was spurred on by your article that I went back to re-watch all video demos from MIX 10 (the Netflix app, the AP app, the Comic Reader app from, the Seesmic Twitter app and so on). And you are right, seeing all those video demos way back at MIX 10 was the reason I was and still am excited by WP7. Companies that design, develop and customize software like Clarity Consulting, Archetype and the likes have shown us what is possible when it comes to showcasing some trully amazing apps on this platform. And I for one can’t wait to get my hands on a WP7 phone in a couple of months time.

  7. @smoothcrooner-Thanks

    The MIX10 videos does a good job of showcasing what is possible with the platform on an app level. I am really looking forward to buying the Hush Hush diary app. Its cool looking, has great functionality and just all around stands out.

    I am very serious about this because WP7 is the only platform that seems to really encourage the efforts of combining the power of both the developer and designer worlds. and especially the AP app does a great job at showcasing that. I would be remissed if I didn’t actually commend the WP7 for being able to import and utilize images the way they can which allows the dynamic nature of changing backgrounds (as seen on the AP app) possible.

  8. @Murani

    You are welcome.

    I’m particularly looking forward to the Neflix and Shazam apps, the Shazam app kicks the iPhone version to the kerb. As far as a gold standard of App design goes, there are some major design houses such as Clarity Consulting, Archetype, Vertigo, ErgonomiDesign and the likes that are already on board, so, I think we will continue to see some really and truelly amazing apps going forward that take advantage of the panoramic language of the Metro UI. I like my comics, so I’ve been really impressed with the demos of the and Ave Comics apps and they are miles better and sexier compared to the iPhone versions.

  9. @Max.

    And I guess that’s why I will never own an iPhone and at this point have little interest in WP7. But then again I am far from being an average consumer.

    Ugly? Buggy, yes. But I never considered Windows Mobile to be ugly. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will have to pry my WM phone from my cold, stiff hand.

  10. When the Iphone first came out it did not have multitasking or cut and paste and ect but the apps that were made for it some good ones and bad ones were what made it a great phone I believe that the WP7-Windows phone 7 will go to glory the same route if Microsoft gets great apps and Microsoft supports the phone even if the sales at first donot look good. I predict that HTML5 and Flash and 3rd party multitasking and cut and paste will be added to the phones functions in about a year after that it will be able to compete with any smart phone out there and sell well if they advertise it right to let People
    know the windows phone 7 are for sale because people easily forget products exist.

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