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Windows Phone 7 is a Designer’s Delight!


Lately we’ve been seeing some pretty basic and bland apps demo’d for Windows Phone 7.  Its leaving a very bad taste in the mouth of others in the blogosphere.  Some have started to question whether apps will be locked and trapped in the sea of blandness.  The above picture of the WP7 version of the Associated Press app shows this isn’t the case but is it the norm or an exception?

Ever since the debut of WP7 there has been a gold standard of App design.  Clarity Consulting has given us a vision of what apps on WP7 could and should look like.  Check the gallery below:

The #1 reason I was intrigued by Windows Phone 7 is because it is the best platform to combine the beauty of graphic design with the ease of panorama control.  The developer can actually tell a story through the accompanying design.  As both a professional video editor and graphic designer this is a match made in heaven.

So next time we see a bland, monotone app come down the pike don’t be afraid to send it back to the developer.  Nothing wrong with making sure the developers step their game up, they have the tools and there is an entire industry that could take their app to the next level.  Taking Metro to Billboard status!