777 apps is an impressive number for a launch…unless you compare it to like 250k. WP7 is less about apps because the core OS integrates a lot of social features right into it, but there’s no denying that apps/games ultimately hold the cards. Are you guys impressed by this or were you expecting more? As of now, there are more apps in the Windows Mobile (6.5) market than Windows Phone 7 market, but of course there’s a huge difference in quality between the two and of course, one of them is brand spanking new.


  1. Very impressed by the apps, the top tier apps are all high quality and look great. There are still two weeks till launch and the app store grows every day, this is a good thing. Quality over quantity. Every app that I need has already been released to the marketplace and I cant wait to pick them up, especially “Bye bye Brian” and “de Blob”

  2. im looking forward to the end user experience with WP7 apps considering the quality and time put into the develpment is much much higher than average. I have a feeling that im going to be very pleased

  3. More than apps, I’m concerned by the lack of marketing. Here we are two weeks away and I haven’t seen one commercial of TV. The average person takes longer than two weeks to decide to buy a phone. Unfortunately, if WP7 doesn’t sell out first week, we’ll be reading articles about it being a failure.

  4. i checked the marketplace in the morning it was around 630 apps….now 8hrs after its close to 800…i guess we are looking @ about 100+ apps added per day….thats going to be hell of launch in US….can’t wait to get my Samsung Focus…..and yea what happened to the Adv. i haven’t seen any new ads yet for WP7???…..

  5. it’s like that worldwide… in Australia there has been little advertising. I walk around 2 blocks of the main road here in Sydney where I pass an Optus and Telstra store (next to Telstra Headquaters) and unless you actually venture inside Telstra, you don’t even notice anything about WP. Also Optus doesn’t seem to be pushing any of it at all.

  6. Well maybe Microsoft decided to spend the $1B where it counts. Just give the phone away to anyone willing to try it out. Where does the line start.

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