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Travelnapp – Never Miss Your Destination (WP7)

A neat new (free) app just hit the Windows Phone Marketplace that is a really well designed and full featured app to ensure that you wake up when you get to your destination. You know, so you can fall asleep on the train but till wake up at your stop. And it’s GPS based, not merely time based, but it notes that it is optimized to work even through tunnels and areas without GPS and it continues to calculate your location based on logic. Just check out the description:

Want to enjoy a book, have a nap or immerse yourself in music without the need to worry about missing your stop on the train or bus? Travelnapp lets you relax and enjoy the journey, automatically stopping your music and waking you with an alarm when you are approaching your destination.
Utilizing your phone’s GPS capabilities, this application is able to accurately track your journey almost anywhere in the world. The gathered location data is also used to plot your route on an easily accessible map and calculate your estimated time of arrival and average speed. Travelnapp also features a set of fail safes whose aim is to wake you should GPS signal be lost for an extended period of time (for example: in a tunnel) as you near your destination.
• Highly customizable in regards to map styles, distance units and alert distance.
• Eye catching yet simple design and layout.
• Relies on GPS signal so will still track you even in areas with no cell coverage.
• Optimized to avoid draining your battery.
• Works under locked screen.
• Will work at any destination worldwide where access to GPS satellites is available.
• Journey statistics and route plotted.
• Has the ability to automatically stop your music and notify you of destination arrival.
Regular updates coming with exciting new features!

You can find it in the Travel category.