Every time I looked at the Marketplace I just kept seeing more and more new apps I had to try. Let’s get some updates out of the way: Beezz (the Twitter app with live tiles and notifications) finally got their update live and Fotochop (the free photo editor that lets you put stickers/words on photos) got an update to add more art. That’s just the beginning though.

imageFirst up is Appa Mundi Tasks. A Task manager that syncs with Exchange. This has been a missing feature to date on task managers. Here’s the description:

APPA Mundi Tasks is an advanced Task manager application which synchronizes with your Exchange Server mailbox to make your task list available on the move.

  • Filter your Task list by Status
  • Sort your Tasks by Status, Priority, Subject, Start Date or Due Date
  • Create new Tasks on your Windows Phone
  • Edit and Delete existing Tasks
  • Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and later
  • Trial version supports a maximum of 4 Tasks

It’s $4 and here’s a download link and as stated, there is a trial.

imageIt’s a Friday night so let’s move on to Jagermeister Shake ‘n’ Spin, a free app that helps decide who buys the next round one of two ways – a spin the bottle model or a toughest man model where you shake harder than the other person. In either case, it also recommends a frosty beverage for you to order…of course, including Jager (there’s anything but a Jager Bomb? really?).

imageLet’s move on to Opera Link For WP7 that gives you access to your bookmarks, notes and speed dials from your Opera (mini, mobile and desktop) if you synchronize them with Opera Link. This is a freebie.

imageNext up is Morfo. You simply have to try this one cause the results are sick. Here’s what you do: take a picture of someone’s face, help the app identify the mouth, nose, eyes and shape (it’s all really easy) and voila, you have a 3D character of them created. I tried it and it takes about 2-3 minutes to set one up (at least on my first try) and the results were sick. You can then animate and modify the character. You can do a voice-over, make them rock out to music. It’s neat. here’s their feature list:

Turn friends, pets or objects into fun, life-like 3D characters.
Play with or modify any of 6 ready-made characters.
Make your friends say anything you want in a silly voice.
Apply embarrassing makeup schemes to their faces.
Make faces appear Super Fat with the click of a single, evil button.
Wave a magic wand and watch your friend become goofy-eyed with amazement.
Make faces rock out to crazy speed metal, disco, or just about any song on your phone.
And of course, save Screen Shots, so you can email your handiwork to your real-world friends later.

This is an app that really shows off the platform because the results are so quick and so stunning. Try the demo. The app itself is $2.

here’s a video of what this really looks like (except the actual frame rate may be higher) – SICK:


imageNext up is Cluck It. It’s like Frogger, but a chicken and the graphics look very sweet. It has 50 levels so it can be enjoyed by all ages. You can save progress across levels and it should be simple to just pick up and play. It’s just $.99 and there’s a trial. Look at the image though – sweet, huh?

imageOK free game time. It’s Ultra Air Hockey 2 (and I checked, there is no Ultra Air Hockey 1 in Marketplace– it’s a 360 game I beleive). It’s a free air hockey game that has one or two player modes. It’s simple and has good graphics. The only downside is that if you try to shoot too fast you shoot backwards but it’s air hockey…it’s simple and plays well. [NOTE:Updated as app update fixed the bug] It’s getting about 4 stars right now. Want a video? Why not:

imageOK and on to Meteor Mania. There’s a meteor shower and you need to defend the city. Yup, a classic arcade game with great graphics. 4 types of powerups and an increasing level of difficulty. There’s a free trial or buy it for $2. I haven’t tried it yet, but it does look very good.

imageAnd let’s end this with another freebie, this time from Smarty Pants Coding called Wrap It Up Box.

With the Wrap It Up Box you can be just like the producers at an awards show and tell people when it’s time to wrap it up. Coworker won’t stop yammering? Girlfriend not getting the hint? Tell them to wrap it up with the Wrap It Up Box!

What a day…while writing this I’ve made the decision to buy Morfo so let me get to that and I need to test out Appa Mundi Tasks (it was just released).


  1. @David K: It sure is; I had my wife’s pictures morphed in no time. Of course those pictures where talking to her and saying all the things I wanted her to say. Her comment to me was “that App is really creepy”. Perfect compliment to Morfo!

    I agree with this thread Marketplace is gaining momentum and becoming a lot of fun.

  2. Really sad (but not surprising) the big blog sites are completely ignoring good WP7 applications but whenever the latest iphone applicaiton is released, no mater how crappy they splash it all over their sites. Is there any way you can cross-promote with some other Windows Phone sites at least, to get these applications some more exposure? That helps get more sales for devs, hopefully more devs interested and helps the platform as a whole.

  3. Ok, Morfo is sick! I love it. Can already save a screenshot. Now I want to be able to send a short video clip of the morphed image in action.

    @efjay: I agree. Have recently read a few comments where journalists say the current Marketplace offerings suck. Well if they suck (already download about 100) then I can’t wait for the good stuff. Seriously, anyone who makes a comment like that has not spent several hours looking through what’s already there. Some junk, but quite a bit of quality.

  4. Thanks Mobility Digest to mention our game “Ultra Air Hockey 2” :)

    There is an update that improves the collision problem, and lets you select the difficulty level of the opponent (version 1.1 is already at the Marketplace).

    If you’ve got any idea to improve our app don’t forget to rate.


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