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Mobility Digest deploys Mr. VIP Ramon Trotman to cover Mango Preview

Everyone is waiting with anticipation for Microsoft’s VIP Mango preview.  Sure there will be other sites live blogging from the event but our coverage is different.  How different?  Ramon Trotman different!  Yes that’s right, the guy who makes the Fonz look square by comparison, the guy who pretty much rocked the first Windows Phone 7 purchase on this side of the pond, that Ramon Trotman.  The coolest guy in the technosphere will be on hand in New York at the event and delivering a fresh, no-nonsense take on everything that will be announced at the event.

Stay tuned to our strong coverage of the event, what the announcements mean to both users and developers and the Ask the Reader ratings poll for the significance of the announced features.

Coverage starts at or just before 10am EST and we’ll be covering throughout the day.  Once again Ramon Trotman+breaking news=pure awesomeness!  Don’t miss it.

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