A few days ago I purchased a few songs from the Zune Marketplace and as usual I received a purchase confirmation detailing the transaction. Who charged my account? Zune. Well today something caught my eye. I bought a song today from the Zune Marketplace but it wasn’t Zune who charged me. The purchase was charged as Xbox Music! We know that the changeover to Xbox Music is coming but now we get confirmation that the backend changes have already started. On a humorous note I couldn’t help to see the old Windows Phone logo being used and the tag Windows Phone and Zune Better Together.



  1. I just read your post and I want it to check on my phone and is true what you wrote really they made a change with Zune pass now is Xbox music pass but the problem is I can’t use it cause I’m from Macedonia and my country is not listed in any of marketplace region so I registered mu phone on US marketplace but as you wrote the changes has been made and here on my phone shows-1mount pass-9
    $,12 mounts pass 99$

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