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AmazonIntelligence – Free Amazon Tracker for WP7

imageAmazonIntelligence is a neat application for Windows phones that helps you to find deals on Amazon and track them to see if the price drops (and it even sends you alerts). I actually just tried it out when my wife was about to buy something from Amazon on her precious iPad (and I don’t trust that thing for shit) and quickly found a better price for it. You can see everything you can normally see in Amazon. But really, the more useful purpose for this app is something you’d like to own but you don’t need immediately and you can track it until the price falls. Here’s their description:

Amazon has good deals. AmazonIntelligence makes them better. Quickly watch items you want, and AI does the rest. You’ll be able to see at a glance if items have dropped in price, see a chart of the price over time, read reviews, and see related products.

We’ll send you an alert – even if the app isn’t running – when a price drops so you can scoop it up for a great deal.

Oh, and AmazonIntelligence will also let you quickly see and watch gold box deals too – nice!

As noted, it’s free and in trying it myself I like it. It’s staying on my phone. It’s available now from Marketplace in the Lifestyle category.

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