By default, Windows Phones come with a calculator preinstalled but did you know that by rotating the phone clockwise/counterclockwise you actually get a different calculator? In portrait it’s standard. If you rotate the phone so that the top of the phone is to the left then it will go into scientific mode. If you rotate it so that the top it to the right then it goes into programmer’s mode. Pretty neat, right?

via Girish’s Blog


  1. Some of the later WM 6.5 devices (such as the HTC Touch Pro 2) have similar functionality. In portrait mode, you get a standard 4-function calc, while in landscape, you get a scientific calculator.

  2. This is pretty awesome. I think screen orientation sensitive applications are awesome. One of the more interesting attempts at using something akin to this was on a defunct concept phone I saw where you could turn the phone upside down and hit the camera button. This would launch the voice recorder instead of the camera in this instance. Not good if you want to take a picture while upside down but pretty sweet otherwise.

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