Over at CES Ben The PC Guy is giving away $100 if your device can beat a Windows Phone. Of course, the tasks as going to be skewed to things that Windows Phones are particularly fast at but  so far the Windows Phones are 2-0 defeating an iPhone 4s and a Galaxy Nexus. Another Android blogger walked away before trying to battle.

Great way to make noise though and show off that there are some things that the OS excels at.


  1. I have been giving a challenge like this (without the money though!) for months to all my android/ios friends. They are allowed to choose any super-phone they want and they can even pick the tasks, as long as the tasks are native smartphone tasks. I will use my 1 year old omnia-7.
    Until now no one is up to it and we still don’t know which phone is the fastest – at least we don’t have the proof :-)

  2. David K obviously didn’t read the THE FINE PRINT:

    1) The great news for you as a challenger is that I’m not going to force you into a specific scenario; we’ll make the call together based on the things that you do every day on your smartphone.

    From: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2012/01/10/i-ve-got-100-that-says-your-smartphone-will-get-smokedbywindowsphone.aspx

    Obviously, not scewed toward windows phone…

  3. @WindowsPhoneWillSmokeYourPhone The first comment on your blog from SilverRubicon:

    “Seems to me that if an iPhone user pulled out their iPhone 4S and said “Remind me to call mom when I get home” they would immediately win the challenge. Triggers a reminder when in proximity of your home with a single sentence. Don’t see how Windows Phone can top that, and I’m the owner of a Samsung Focus.”

    $100 to him I’d say.

    I use feature that on my iPhone 4S all the time. Grocery list at the store, stuff at work, things to do at home, reminders for when I get to friend’s houses… etc..

  4. And I counter that Siri with a simple open “Random App Name”. Thats an everyday task that everyone does. Yes Siri is beta but you brought it up. Its like bringing a knife to a gun fight, bad idea.

  5. This seems like a stupid challenge anyway. And what was the one loss? That was a big hole in this post!
    As far as I am concerned, my device wins any challenge. It works, has a great screen, and I know how to use it. That is the result of being an informed buyer, not from buying the “latest and greatest” as posted by some other possibly biased blogger.
    I don’t understand why, but I want to Love Windows Phone again too.
    Just waiting for the right device for me.
    Have fun at CES!

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