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Full House Poker For WP7 Sadly Not MMO But First Avatar Enabled Game

The press release is out and Microsoft has released details on two versions of Full House Poker:

First the Xbox Live Arcade version:

"Full House Poker" (Microsoft Game Studios — Xbox/Krome Studios — Windows Phone 7): In the world’s capital for card playing, Microsoft is unveiling "Full House Poker." Compete against your Xbox LIVE friends on Xbox 360 and build your bank roll on the go with a companion game on Windows Phone 7. Play a quick two-player game for some lightning action, join a big 30-player tournament, or play a round of Texas Heat, our live poker game show where you play with thousands of players worldwide and have 30 minutes to bluff, bet, and raise your way to the final table!

Now the Windows Phone 7 version:

"Full House Poker" (Microsoft Game Studios): The mobile companion to the Xbox LIVE Arcade game, "Full House Poker" on Windows Phone 7 lets you build your bankroll and unlock awards on the go. Enjoy Single Player Pro takedown, standard and tournament-style single player games against up to five virtual opponents in the first Windows Phone 7 title to let you play as your actual Avatar.

Not half as exciting. Bridge the gap so phones can play Xbox (even if it’s turn by turn) and we’ll talk.