Passing such a significant milestone just four months after launching Windows 8 is a good start. By comparison the Mac Store has roughly 15,000 apps. It is worth noting that developers still have yet to fully embrace the platform and deliver top notch apps across all categories. The Windows Store is shared by Windows 8 & Windows RT.

It is worth noting that app submissions to the Windows Store has slowed each month since launch. Still if the ramp up of official and fantastic apps landing on Windows Phone 8 it isn’t a hard stretch to think that the larger Windows 8 platform should see a significant increase.

Source: TechCrunch


  1. Just shows how little people use actual applications on desktops anymore. The web has and can solve most issues of content that people are searching for. The PC, for a lot of people, is becoming a consumption device just like their mobile counterparts. Communication is also another staple of PC usage from messaging and email to Skype. That still only takes maybe one application. Gone are the days of having to load trillian to keep up with aim, IRC, msn, etc. from one place.
    On top of this growing trend we also have the absolute crap applications that applications are showing up and muddying these numbers. I’ve installed maybe a half dozen games and then mostly utitility stuff for opening and playing different content. Still waiting for vlc myself. Other than that I’ve already got office for my surface so that pretty much leaves the web. I do really wish they would update those core apps though.
    As far as the mac store… Im going to have to go with the mobility digest staff favorite: Fuck Apple!

  2. The majority of the apps and games I have installed are for testing purposes. Most of my time is spent on news and social networking sites (mainly Twitter and Pinterest). The other part is spent in serious productivity apps like Photoshop, Office, etc.

    On my phone I use apps to accomplish my tasks but on a tablet or Desktop I use the web interface more often than not.

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