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Top Rated Pictures Lab Updated to v3.0 With Tons of Mango Goodness

TakePhoto_BadgePictures Lab is one of the first apps I bought for my Windows Phone and it’s still my go-to app when I need to do some fast picture editing and apply effects on my phone which it aces with over 300 modifications available from cropping, to framing to applying effects. You probably know it (as it’s received phenomenal reviews from MSNBC, Engadget, Gizmodo and just about everyone else. Well it just received an update to version 3.0 and with that come some Mango goodies. It’s not just the typical update to fast app switching here (which it does do). Within the app you can trigger the camera and get face detection auto focus and a steady mode:

I added a custom take photo functionality, which provides some neat features and is pin-able to the home screen. It also has some unique features for the 2nd generation of Windows Phone devices. If the device has a gyro, a steady detection mode can be used. If the device supports Focus-at-Point, a face detection can be used to focus on a face.This is all implemented in Pictures Lab. Pictures Lab runs on all device types out there and uses some new sensors and capabilities to enhance the experience on the 2nd generation of Windows Phone devices. Note that even some of the first generation Windows Phone devices like the Samsung’s also support Focus-at-Point after the Mango firmware updates. 

Marketplace_panoramic_backgroundI’ve had a chance to test this out and it’s great. You should also know that existing Pictures Lab users will get the update for free. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s just $2 but the trial mode is full features (except for save and share disabled).

You can check it out on the web Marketplace here or in Zune here.