imageAugmented reality is all over the place but on Windows Phone 7 there have been some questions about how it would translate. Well, here’s a preview of Wizup which is in the Developpeurs competition. This is a lot like the app Scan Search we talked about previously. Take a snippet of life and the app spits out a lot of information about what you see. You can just skim through this video to see the sorts of fancy stuff it can do but WOW. This is definitely worth taking a look at. It’s finding music, movies, YouTube, magazines…just sick stuff

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UPDATE: Here’s the description of the app from their website:

Wizup revolutionizes the recognition from a mobile. It analyzes and recognizes, in time real , content of:

  • 150 radio stations or 97% of the national audience
  • 1200 Press titles to be 99% of the national audience
  • 100 TV channels or 96% of the national audience
  • 8 500 000 titles
  • 4 major national networks display

Advertising, music, TV, radio, magazine, posters, packaging, consumer products program: Wizup delivers as much information as necessary on any sound and/or Visual element. The application allows enrich all kinds of media by a multitude of services.


  1. So … another way for marketers to intrude into my life and time? Maybe if it shortens ‘traditional’ advertising, allowing the CONSUMER to choose when to get the information they want that is relevant to them, instead of being bombarded with shouts for products they (individually) have absolutely no interest in.
    The tech is neat and shiny, but I’m afraid the practical uses will be a p.i.t.a.

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