imageOK I put it all in the title so you don’t need to read the article. Brandon Watson has just posted some new info that sets a bit of a timeline in place for WP7. First off, the final developer tools will be available for download on September 16 with the panorama, pivot and Bing maps controls finally available. They also noted that the marketplace will open “early October”. They also note that they are emphasizing transparency and will try to ensure that every developer knows exactly where their apps are in the certification process, including running some beta trials before it’s open publicly. And being that there are 300,000 downloads of the beta developers tools, hopefully that will translate into a lot of high quality apps that are ready for consumption.

So, when do you think the actual devices hit the markets based on this timeline?


  1. First devices hit first week in November in the US. 2nd Week of October for Europe. Of course I wouldn’t mind having my WP7 in hand on my bday in October.

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