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Microsoft’s big year- next 12 months all major products get a refresh

Somehow we all knew this but didn’t think about it, but it’s true. On the consumer side it’s Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and of course, we all expect Xbox 720 (or something named like that) for next year (along with a refresh of Kinect). Add to that some Office love as well (beta dropping shortly). And that’s before we get to the business side and remember that Windows Server is getting bumped and SQL Server and all of the dev tools are being refreshed. The new push is towards virtualization and Azure is on Fire as is Office 365.  Throw in the new Win RT and some hardware (I’m looking at you Surface) and a sprinkle of Skype and Yammer.

I’m sure I left some off but damn, this is a huge 12 months for Microsoft.