Paul Thurrott provided us with some data about is data usage as a guide to see if there would be wild spikes in data usage with Windows phone since it’s so intertwined with the cloud. While there are variables here and the numbers are still jumping around, it’s pretty clear that the usage is generally below that of the iPhone so you shouldn’t expect a jump in data use. Nonetheless, it’s still enough data to warrant the higher 2gb tiered plan. But, more importantly he notes (in the comments):

I have still only dropped one call in five months of use, yes. In fact, you may know that I just spent 8 days on the road, and I made many calls in Seattle and that area, and in Las Vegas, then a call from Charlotte, NC on the way home, and then a few from Boston. Not one dropped call on the whole trip. It’s been night and day, as we say.

He’s using a Samsung Focus (a.k.a my next phone) that replaced his iPhone. Hey Apple, any comment about this? Want to blame the network again?


  1. I have to admire how Apple managed that whole AT&T network issue. Steve is a master at dodging the blame and real world scenarios seems to confirm the issue with the iPhone. What I am not saying is that AT&T did/does not have spoty coverage and or uplink issues in certain areas.

  2. When I worked for Verizon back when the Motorola StarTac was the phone to get, Nokia had a 5185 that was pure crap. So much so that Verizon eventually stopped selling it and gave anyone who came in with issues a refurbished Qualcomm phone as a free replacement.

  3. Talked with a co-worker throughout the night and got on the subject of her iPhone. She said she gets horrible coverage whenever she goes inside buildings and drops calls frequently. I told her its not AT&T its her iPhone. One of the previously best kept secrets is the less than ideal call reception iPhones get. iPhone users blame AT&T when the issue is their holding the wrong phone.

  4. I’ve only had 1 dropped call on my Fuze ever: on a bridge in the middle of the St. Johns River. I can kind of understand that one. Other than that, my reception w/AT&T where I am is pretty damn good.

  5. @ramon trotman: I would say being a loyal (if not totally happy) Fuze owner for the past two years putting an i in front of my name is a little insulting :-) Disclaimer – I refuse to own any iOS devices becuase of my personal preference. So I guess the answer is no on the iChris question.

  6. I had an IPhone and I would have hung calls, garbled calls etc. Just changed to wp7 on the same network and everything is fine now…

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