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Official NYC Condom Finder App Available–Novel Timing

So on Christmas you release Santa games and on Valentine’s day the NYC Department of health and mental Hygiene released the NYC Condom finder…that seems fitting.

NYC Condom Finder by NYC Health helps you find FREE condoms no matter where you are in New York City. Find Condoms NYC uses your iPhone’s GPS to locate and provide walking directions to the 5 nearest venues that distribute FREE NYC Condoms! With more than 3,000 locations throughout all 5 boroughs, no matter where you are, you’ll always be protected.

NYC Condom Finder:

– locates and provides walking directions for the 5 nearest venues to your current position

– lets you enter an alternate address for planning ahead

– includes a helpful “dos and don’ts” for condom usage

– provides you with information about the NYC Condom program

Brought to you by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

And yes, the iPhone reference is in their description. Come on someone give me a joke here…Uhm…guess they released it too quickly?  Got something better?

Joking aside it’s been a successful program for NYC. You can find it here.