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AppVegas–It’s Like UrbanSpoon For the Windows Phone Marketplace

Want to get lucky and try out some new apps? AppVegas may be the answer. It’s from the guys that created Weave (which is awesome and I use it every day). They prefilter the apps in Marketplace, give it a shake and…fun app discovery. Here’s their description:

Feeling lucky? Let AppVegas find you the best apps and games in the marketplace! Spin the slot machine, browse categories, hot/featured apps of the day, and more – AppVegas makes finding apps FUN again! From the creators of the popular Windows Phone News and Weave apps, comes AppVegas. Like a mashup of UrbanSpoon and the Marketplace app, AV lets you use a slot machine style “guided search” to find the best apps you may have missed. Apps are grouped by meta-categories such as “gaming” or “fun”, and then classified by “hot”, “new”, “all-time”, or “any” and lastly by being free/paid/trial. We pre-filter ALL the apps in the marketplace to get rid of the junk so you don’t have to look at it! Any app served up to you has been pre-screened to pass a minimum user rating. Now you can spend more time finding awesome apps! Full list of features:

• Shake your phone to spin the slot machine and find new apps

• Featured and new and trending apps of the day • Browse categories, viewing hot apps, all-time best apps, and sorted by download rank

• Search for apps by name/keyword

• View detailed info, reviews, and screenshots for any app in the marketplace

• Link to download the app

• Gorgeous interface with multiple backgrounds, and smooth animations!

• Beautiful design by acclaimed Metro expert Yanko Andreev

If you enjoy AppVegas, please check out our other apps – search for “Seles Games” in the marketplace! We have the best news readers in the marketplace, including “Windows Phone News” and "Weave", which Maximum PC calls “our paid RSS reader of choice” for WP7!

You can get it here for free and here for $2.50