imageIn an effort to avoid Windows Phone 7 all day, here’s a consolidated post of what we’ve been holding back including plenty of games, apps and news. But let’s start off with a little nomenclature. Despite what we’ve been saying, it’s not Windows Phone 7. Really? Really. It’s Windows Phone. Check and see how they refer to it. Yup, “find the Windows Phone that’s right for you.” So, going forward it’s Windows phone which works a lot better. I can’t wait to get a Windows phone. See, a lot better than “I can’t wait to get a Windows Phone 7 phone.”

imageAnd since I’m in a good mood, a quick look at the marketplace shows the top paid apps as of today are: Farting Dino in first and Cocktail in second. And these are the developers that are buying these apps…good luck to us all.

OK, let’s move on to a video from the launch event the other day showing off the AT&T myWireless app which is supposed to show you info about your account, usage, plans, etc. It looks pretty…then you see it just drops you into internet explorer instead of interacting with their server in the background which is sort of annoying. Let’s hope they clean that up, but you can still see a lot of info is here:


Want some games? Let’s do DECIMATION X2! Ok I didn’t need to go all caps, but check out this game play. Yes, it’s a simple old school style shooter but like all things good, there are flying pixels everywhere and heavy action…This is a sequel to Japan’s #1 Xbox Live Indie Game. Wow…


A new app called Pictures Lab is already in the Marketplace for $2 and includes 21 photo effects that looks great. This app makes me happy. Tons of features, seems simple to use and it’s $2 – that’s a win! It even has a trial mode that includes all effects.

image imageimageimage

When in doubt, go zombies or go home. Here’s Zombie Master. it’s a typing training game for Windows Phone where you have to type the words that appear over the zombies heads or else they eat your brains. Don’t make me explain it further:


OK, let’s do a quick utility. It’s a stop watch/mega-timer from herm’s Software. The realism is great and it’s as easy as could be to keep track of multiple events. This is on it’s way to the Marketplace already.


And back to games involving…bats. Didn’t see that coming, right? This is called Vincent Halloween and it’s like Tamagotchi but with a bat. There are minigames throughout as you have to make your pet happy, well fed, clean, etc. It’s actually pretty cute and I can see the minigames keeping you busy, like getting the worms out of the apple and flying through the sky looking for food while avoiding airplanes. This is also going to come to Xbox and is in submission as well.


Let’s go for Smile which is more of a Bejeweled style. Damn the guy playing is good…the screen can rotate too (by a software press or physically) so you can turn the screen and essentially play a level the other way…well just watch, but that’s pretty neat.


Retrevo is an online electronics price comparison and online purchasing site and they’ve now made a WP app that seems to take all of the good stuff and put it in the palm of your hand. So you can get comparisons, reviews, etc and of course, it has the look we all know and love. More info is here and more pics are here.


And for the last game let’s do Lushington Springs, the tower defense game, which has been updated. It’s still a work in progress, with the graphics being tweaked, but the goal is 6 maps and 100 waves:

imageSo, you ready to get in line for a Windows Phone? Well Microsoft put together a guide to help prepare to wait in line to be the first to get one. It’s pretty funny actually, with a sleeping bag that has sleeves, computer cleaners to keep your hygiene in check and your own potty…


  1. @Max: there’s a problem with transparent icons that you can see…well you can’t see them…that’s sort of the issue. There aren’t a lot of high levl devs in there yet – as that gets increased you’ll see the icons to matchh I think. And I agree with you. Also hate the fact that ‘games’ defaults to ‘xbox’ soa lot get hidden

  2. I hope that MS goes through the marketplace and demands good quality thumbnail icons. Some of the ones in there are just terrible. I look at them, and think “Well, not going to buy that app.”

  3. Hi DavidK and Max,

    There are many high level devs in there.

    The problem with the icons: The same icon size is used as for the app’s tile image, which should be transparent for the best experience. But the Marketplace / Zune does not work very well with transparent icons. There’s no hint or documentation anywhere that explicitly tells you that. My app for example (Pictures Lab) uses a white logo on a transparent background.
    I already submitted an update that will bring new icons. I think most of devs will do the same. Please keep in mind that the Marketplace has not opened officially and some thinks aren’t working like they should right now.

  4. i want to be able to play that damn lushington springs game now, that looks like such a sick tower defense game.

  5. Great job, Herm! Since I can never find an old-fashioned stopwatch in stores, a stopwatch program on my ppc has been invaluable to me.

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