Found this while searching a few WP7 forums today. We all know how frustrating it is to type something like “twitter” into Marketplace on a WP7 phone and get a combination of; artists, albums, playlists and oh yeah, applications in the results. Well now try typing “twitter application” (omit double quotes) and viola, the results only include “applications” What a concept! Works almost as well if you replace “application” with, song, artist, album, etc. but you may get some crossover because of keywords. Although the desktop app is already somewhat filtered, this trick works just as well. More focused results. Now that wasn’t so hard.

             No Filter                            Filtered/Application                     Filtered/Album                      Filtered/Artist




  1. Isn’t the NoDo update going to change it so that if you are in a section of Marketplace and search, you will only get results for that section?

    But good to know there is a workaround now.

  2. What I saw in from a NoDo demo, the applications were floated to the top but there were still other results on the screen. So it might be OK (if we ever actually see the update) but this workaround does the trick.

  3. That doesn’t work well on my phone. When I search for “twitter application” I don’t get any results, “twitter app” just gives me very few results and doesn’t even show the official app or seesmic. It’s very selective.

  4. Hmm, that’s odd. Curious, what phone? On my Surround if I precede application with any term, like; music, todo, task, etc. I get application only results. BTW, don’t use the double quotes (I only added them to highlight).

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