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You Were Expecting Grooveshark For Windows Phones? Microsoft Already Said They Won’t Let It Pass Certification

I just live getting snarky emails from Doug Smith whenever something doesn’t happen for Windows phones – thanks big guy. So of course yesterday I get an email with “Sorry David” and a link to the WPCentral article where they states that they do not intend to make a native Windows Phone app. Of course, I told Doug to spend more time reading his own site.  This was 10 months ago:

Of course, doing a search for ‘grooveshark’ in Marketplace yields no results now. That doesn’t mean the Grooveshark third party apps disappeared and ceased to exist. MS is not publishing any apps that stream Grooveshark. So why isn’t Grooveshark making a Windows Pone official app? Because Microsoft won’t let it pass certification.

And to be clear it’s still banned from iTunes as well.

oh and this article is in no way intended to dig at WPCentral- I love their site. It’s a dig at Doug  cause he’s such an easy target

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