This is a drop premature (I’ll update the posting later) but neat enough to share now. KSMarshall from Clarity Consulting has begun showing off two new demos. The first lets you do what Froyo does – send a web link from your PC to your phone.  The video will open in your media player. In a second app, there’s an add-on to remote control PowerPoint 2010 from your WP7 device. Again, the link opens in an external media window. He notes “Blog post + code coming later tonight” thus the update later:)

Man I’m loving these apps…where the hell is the damn pone already!:)


  1. Yeah! Bring on the damn “pone” already!!

    I love it when I can get back at you every once in a while! LOL

  2. First running a PowerPoint presentation over the internet and now using the WP7 phone as a remote control. Awesome, just pure awesomeness!

    Ballmer seems like he is serious in accelerating the timeschedule for WP7 so i’m thinking we’ll start seeing devices by late September.

    Then add in the feature to send a link from PC directly to phone and i’m just completely sold.

    I’m going to be a walking, talking, dancing promo boy for WP7.

  3. @Murani: Cool! Want to write for us! We need more WP7 guys!

    “I’m going to be a walking, talking, dancing promo boy for WP7.”

  4. @Doug Smith:
    Sure thing, I am honored to be invited to for you. I’m not a Microsoft fanboi but I do think they take a bad rap from those who almost always have an agenda to push. Just give me the details.

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