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Mars Runner Available For Windows Phones

Jake Poznanski has taken his skills and put them to use in a high action, fast paced (free) game called Mars Runner. It’s a retake on the classic game where you need to go as far as you can without crashing. In this version, you’re treated to ridiculously crisp graphics that flow without a hitch. You control your ship by tilting the phone with a simple goal of not hitting any rocks. You can even slow yourself down by tapping the screen but that’s a limited burst. Overall, it plays like butter and to keep you playing the game has global leaderboards and built in achievements. Here’s the official description:

Help the human race survive and move up through the ranks to become the next president of Mars by playing Mars Runner!
The year is 2323 and humans have exhausted all of Earth’s resources. In an attempt to preserve life, the Planetary Governing Council (PGC) has decided to begin the colonization of other planets. After much deliberation, Mars was chosen as their best chance for a successful colonization. In order to ensure the safety of future colonists, PGC has sent out a troop of ships to scan the surface of Mars for habitable regions. Your mission is to help PGC with the colonization by helping with their surface scanning efforts.
While traveling along the surface, avoid rocks at all costs by tilting the phone left and right. By pressing down on the screen and holding, a burst of your fuel is used to slow down time and allow you to make evasive maneuvers as you navigate through the rocky Martian terrain. The more ground you cover on the surface of Mars, the higher your score will be. There are also bonuses presented for exploring tunnels. The person with the highest score will be named president of Mars, so don’t forget to check the leader boards and dynamic ranking system to see where you lie in the emerging Mars government.
Lastly, PGC has given you some special side missions to complete. Completing these missions will help you along the way to becoming the next president of Mars. When you pass a given mission, you will receive a special trophy to commemorate your hard work and bravery. You can view these trophies by clicking on the trophies button in the main menu.
Game features include:
– 100% free
– 3D graphics
– Interactive game controls to maneuver ship using the phone’s accelerometer
– Background music, sound effects, and vibration on collisions
– Global high score system with rankings
– Achievement trophies for best times and impressive statistics

It’s fun, free and plays great so give it a go. Here’s a direct download link.