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WP 8.1 is growing up. How would you change it?

88638c96e8529b6b806f0a8b4a2d7075This is seems like an obligatory post that pops up on Engadget at least once every two days and they’re getting paid the big bucks so I figured let’s give it a whirl.  I will however be injecting some uncomfortable and deranged sexual innuendo into the process that I feel is desperately missing from the AOL sponsored and boring vanilla post they bring to the table.

I’ve been messing around with Windows Phone 8.1 excessively for the same seven days most of you have.  Exploring its nooks and crannies like an awkward teenager fumbling with their new found physical maturity, discovering hair in weird places we didn’t know the OS even had, but hopefully not any awkward smells.  There will probably be some mixed and emotional feelings sweeping over you as the hormones of OS update take hold and drive you crazy in one way or another.  You’re either in love with your new shiny thing and having weird discoveries of tents in your pants that you thought you’d left behind in high school or possibly fits of teenage rage and angst about how the OS no longer understands you and your hopes and dreams and broke up with you out of no where.  Since this is the most important thing in your entire life that will ever happen let’s have a little Pow wow about all these confusing adventures we’ve been having.  Let us discuss the moist nocturnal reverie we’ve awoken to find in our digital lives.  Tell us what you’d like to change about how Microsoft thinks WP 8.1 should grow up.