We’ve been able to browse the registry of Windows Phones but that’s not too useful without the ability to change the values. Well the infamous Xboxmod appears to have figured it out since he’s not only written to he registry but it’s revealed some hidden features already, like the ability to enable/disable 3G data, unlock ease of access settings and change the phone model (which is more for show than anything.


We’ll track his progress but this has a lot of potential to understand what Microsoft has in store for future updates and the ability to enable settings that are present but intentionally hidden (likely to reduce clutter and keep everything clean in appearance).


  1. I already have the 3G and the ease of use settings. The ease of use setting just Off and Full, but the 3G setting as it’s shown

  2. @Luke: what device do you have? That means that different phones have different settings since my Focus does not have that.

  3. Can confirm on my Surround that I have the Cellular screen, but only Data toggle, not 3G toggle. And Ease of Access screen only shows TTY/TTD mode (first option).

  4. I have access to the same settings as Luke (3G toggle and ease of access). I’m using an Optimus 7 from LG.

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