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A Walk Through of Pictures Lab For Windows Phone

imageThe other day I mentioned Picture Lab and described it as a “win”. For $2 you get 21 effects and trial mode that lets you test out the app and use all of the modes (you just can’t save them). Today we have a video that takes us through the app and how simple and powerful this $2 photo editing app is and you get to see it on a dev device as well. I didn’t realize it, but when you go to the list of available effects you get to see a preview of the effect which is really great and I have to say, I’m still really impressed for how much this app can do. And it even keeps the original resolution when performing the effect so you don’t get a reduced quality image that’s unusable later. OK enough of me, check this out

The complete feature list:
. 21 advanced effects: Seven different vintage and hipster-like effects, Tilt Shift (miniature faking), Lomo, Soften, Auto Adjust, Sharpen, Comic, Bulge, B& W, Sepia, Saturate, Edge Detection, Night Vision, Negative and Bitmap.
. Editable effect parameters with ready-to-use default values.
. Multi-touch manipulation for Tilt Shift and other effects where multi-touch is meaningful.
. The app can save edited pictures with advanced effects applied in full resolution even on a device with 256 MB RAM. Thus making it also possible to print the image or use it as desktop wallpaper.
. Full Pictures Hub Extras integration.
. The trial version includes the complete functionality and all the effects, only the save functionality is disabled.
. Support for landscape and portrait orientation.
. Effect list with dynamic previews and caching of the larger previews.
. Flicking through the effects on the main page.
. State preservation when the app is deactivated (tombstoning).
. Localization for English and German.

So you know, this is already in Marketplace so you can buy this as soon as you have a phone in hand. Great work!

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