Just rewatched an old WP7 launch video and they mention that once Zune is playing you can leave Zune, go back to the home screen, hit the volume key and Zune controls appear. You can see them in the upper right hand corner and I zoomed in on them as well for you. It’s something I overlooked in the past but I like it.


  1. Having the dedicated volume button to call up the zune controls from the background is sweet. I was wondering if they were going to have that ability and it actually is simpler than the implementation Apple uses for the iPhone. Ha Ha “If you see a task manager they’ve done it wrong.” Indeed Mr. Jobs indeed!

    • If you look at the top left corner there is a green sliver which appears to be the volume indicator(it only appears when the volume rocker is pressed).

  2. Great catch, that’s good to know. Although, I think it would have made more sense to utilize all that empty space to the right hand side of the tiles.

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