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Audible App for Windows Phone Purportedly in Beta–Screenshots Leaked

Looks like Audible is on its way to Windows phone. According to a dude on Reddit (and who’s more authoritative then an unnamed source?):

If you’re like me, an Audible app has been one of the last major omissions in the WP Marketplace. Well, the wait is nearly over! The WP Audible app has entered a limited beta. Here are a couple of pics to tide you over. Time to start emailing thank you’s to the Audible team!

Note: I have no intentions of posting a XAP, so please don’t ask. A wider beta program will be announced in the near future 🙂

The screenshots certainly have a Metro theme and the resolution is right. Being that an Audible app should be a relatively simple task it seems entirely possible that it’s coming in the near future so if you’re into Audible and have a Windows phone you can start prepping.

via Paul Thurrot

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