I think you can probably figure out the app from the title. I’ll let L3v5y speak for himself though:

It integrates with the Pictures hub, and the Music+videos hub, so you can transfer media from DropBox to your device relatively seamlessly, though I’m working on adding the Office hub as well.

I’ll also be releasing a library+source code (that gets around the fact that WP7 doesn’t support synchronous web requests for some unknown reason), so you can integrate DropBox with any application you want.

Check out his blog for more pictures and if you have any feature requests. Very very impressive and a preemptive round of applause. This hopefully gets around the Sharepoint requirement that WP7 is insistent on. L3v5y,if you’re reading this – can you save these files locally on your device?


  1. @David K: There’s support for integration with Pictures and Music+videos, though other things aren’t supported.

    Currently, I’ve not finished implementing saving MP3s to the music hub (but they’re saved to InternalStorage, so it shouldn’t be too much more to link it in properly).

  2. @l3v5y: Curious to see if this goes so far as to let you do Word docs because then Sharepoint gets knocked out. The ability to do pics/music/video for a non-corporate user is pretty solid though. Thanks for the update!

  3. At the moment, you can save some files to the hubs (images and things), and I’m building in a “favourites” tab that stores things on device for access without a network connection.

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