I want to start out by saying I was lied to.  It’s not really all that big of a deal because I’m a forgiving person and tend to get over things rather quickly, as long as it’s not some terrible douche-baggery (for more info see Here.) But for Microsoft to have missed such a major “thing” in the creation of their OS, which is supposed to “not need” copy and paste due to their “intensive hotlinking”, despite an update being rushed to the market to add it, this is unacceptable.  Microsoft usually just tells you straight faced that a product just isn’t ready.  Instead they claimed you just didn’t need it and I know they were full of crap.

Okay, imagine you’re using an awesome new Windows Phone device, because you’re a lucky bastard with excellent taste in cellular communication technology.  You’re browsing, texting, and gaming your heart out an then you get a text from your buddy.

“Hey dude.  New house, kick ass party.  Here is the address:  123 Why Can’t I Save This Address To My Contact Drive”

Seriously searched high and low, left and right, and all other deliniations of space and time you can imagine and can’t find a single way to do this.  Yeah, the address will allow you to map it, and I’m not too bad at finding a location once I’ve been there already but I did get rather hammered at said party.  The memory exists as somewhat of a swirled cornucopia of college party experience that I’m not going to get into, but suffice it to say that it’s not conducive to sustained navigation abilities.  Point is, I don’t remember where this guy lives and I left one of my shoes there (yes, just one of my shoes.)  I go back to map out the guys address in an attempt to find my shoe and have fallen victim to an arguably bad habit of my own.

I have a weird habit of wanting to clear my sms messages from my phone in an attempt to display some sense of cleanliness and order.  This is my other point of contention with WP that I haven’t seen anyone else irked about yet.  No way to clear the entire sms folder.  I got into this habit on WinMo because too many texts would cause the program to run slow as a turtle with blunt force trauma to the head and a couple of broken legs.  Now I do it because it makes finding the more important texts easier because I just delete all the dumb shit that accumulates over time.  I don’t need to keep messages from other drunk friends and they do nothing but bury the text my room mate sent me to pick up toilet paper on the way home.  Guess which one was more important…

Back to my original point.  If I had been able to save this address to my contact this wouldn’t be a problem.  Instead I’m forced to scrounge around for some pen and paper (or fairly flat portion of uninked skin at the time) to write his freaking address down on.  It’s just frustrating for me as a consumer when I get told that I won’t need it because they thought of every instance you would and “hotlinked” it.  That’s just bullshit because that’s a very simple thing to need.  I don’t mind being told a product isn’t done or isn’t finished, but to come up with some lame excuse to placate me as you get your shit together is not cool.  I know there is an update next month that will solve this issue but it’s a major pain in my ass and needs to be said.  Microsoft tried to pull some Steve Jobs shit and realized their customers actually do know something about what it takes to create and integrate software solutions into existing Operating Systems and might just do it our own damn selves if you wait too long.  Jobs would have every XDA member in thumbscrews if the iPhone had that sort of dedicated independent development community.  In conclusion, screw Microsoft for basically being a lying ass, but at least it’s still not an iPhone.


  1. It sucks, and indeed, this could have been alleviated by having saved the contact, but honestly, the real problem here is that you HAD the information you needed, and then deleted it, and eh, that’s kind of it. You deleted the information you then later needed. Maybe a change of habit with regards to your SMS policy :)

  2. I too have found instances where copy and paste would have saved a lot of manual text entry. Although the soft keyboard is top rate…I still prefer typing on tacticle keys.

  3. @Andrew – I’m not saying it’s not a stupid habit, in fact I explicitly mention it in my article and that it is my fault. However, my personal idiosyncrasies do not absolve Microsoft from making a full featured mobile OS or at least delivering on the promises made with the initial offering. Now I’m not stupid and can easily determine that the fault of not having the information lies with me. But it’s like you didn’t even read my post. It wasn’t about the address and my texting habits, but about my experience led me to discover faults and flaws with Microsoft’s own OS despite being told the opposite by their marketing team. You know what? Fuck marketing teams while we’re at it. We should just have dev’s promote products. Yeah, it’d be boring as shit to listen to people with more programming knowledge than charisma but at least we’d get shit straight. WP7 isn’t bad and I don’t make that point at all. I’m calling Microsoft a liar and a cheat because I don’t think it’s a matter of being shitty or lazy programmers. I do still believe Microsoft is a fantastic company who makes very compelling products and intelligent business decisions that typically prove savvy, long term.

  4. I had a similar issue (actually many) where I need the copy paste very badly, like I wanted to track my package and I have to manually enter the tracking number in the site and it is really painful ( considering the length of the tracking no).. in other time I mostly use calling card to call my international friends and I dynamically change the number in the calling card website to call them, in such case I need to manually type the international number every time from my contact. there are many situation like this. I badly need this Copy Paste as soon as possible.

  5. Agreed. Still have both my shoes but I have probably written something that I could have copy/pasted maybe 20/25 times since November; tracking numbers, new email addresses or numbers for existing contacts, etc. And it is getting tiring. Update can’t come soon enough.

  6. I need copy & paste 1% of the time but boy is that 1% important. I’m a resourceful guy but that does get tiring having to find creative solutions all the time.

  7. I love i tthat I’m supposed to take someone who “got really hammered” at a party and lost their shoe seriously. You have more problems than wp7 no doubt.

  8. Oh, BTW Matt. Download Hangover Helper today. It’s free. Won’t help you find your shoe but if you wake up somewhere other than where you should be the app will be a big help. That is if you can find your phone.

    Might want to suggest a new feature for the developer to add, like a sort of geocaching so you can backtrack your steps to find out where you were before you woke up. Just sayin.

  9. @Danny – You can take me however you want buddy and everybody has problems. Seems like your’s is a tenuous grasp on the qwerty keyboard and/or the English language. I’ve said this many times and I’ll make an example of you as well. If youre going to insult me, then at least contribute something valid with your comment. At least my nonsensical diatribe about a problem that is going to be fixed in a month makes an original contribution to the world of telecommunications blogging. You barely managed an unoriginal insult while embarrassing yourself into the sort of shame bukake porn-stars feel when they look at their mother on Christmas. Creative contributions peppered, marinated, or even rampant with insults is okay. I dont mind you being an intelligent, yet dissentious commentor and community member, but I do have a problem with you just being an ass. Go hang out at Engadget.

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