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WP8 customers on AT&T, get your Amber on!

Nokia-Lumia-Windows-Phone-8-update-jpgIf you have a Lumia anything-but-1020 and you’re on AT&T in the US, Amber was  pushed out yesterday! Check your Settings –> About –> More Info. Your OS Version should be 8.0.10328.78. If it’s lower, go to Phone Update and check for updates. You’ll need to be on WiFi. The time taken does vary, but most of the MD crew were updated in about 30 minutes.

Here’s Nokia’s official page: Amber Update. You’ll be able to go get new apps in the Nokia Collection section of the Store, mostly for the camera. Then there’s the Glance screen. You can set it to come up when you hover your hand, intermittently, or always on (which will drain your battery – duh). This will give you a clock and other notifications without turning on the device. I’m not sold on it quite yet, but I’m sure there are people who will find it Very Useful.

FM Radio. the feature that just won’t die, huh? Well, we’ve got it, when using a wired headset. You now have “Radio” in XBox music.

I haven’t tested Flip to Silence yet. This is potentially a nice one. I wonder if it works only if you flip your phone when a call is coming in, or if you flip it it will remain silent. The latter would be nice in the office, right? If anyone has tested this, let us know below.

Stephen noticed his storage increase by 2G, Ram said his did better by 1G. I noticed no great improvement at all. It may vary on how often you’ve been cleaning your storage, and maybe how often you load, uninstall, remove apps and media.