Hey man! You know what pisses me off about about Samsung’s “runaway” success with Android? Samsung’s compulsion to crap up these hundreds of millions of phones with their front end interface, their skin, TouchWiz. HTC, I am looking at you too, also you Motorola and whoever else. Stop it.

I’ve never heard anybody say they prefer the likes of TouchWiz over, say, the vanilla Google interface. What I have heard countless times is that it’s a new thing to learn, pain in the balls if not impossible to remove, kills the battery, slows down the phone, weird menus, the F word, doesn’t sync contacts and groups right, stalls update distribution and so forth. The rationale for locked bootloaders on certain phones I can see, fine, but not TouchPiss or Dense or Scrotoblur.

I don’t know why these companies have invested so much into shoving these things down everyone’s throat. Maybe an attempt to differentiate themselves, make their own brand sort of? Vanity? Habit? Too many nepotism hires you need to keep busy? Why did you bother hiring the CyanogenMod guy?

I’d largely attribute the exponentially rising success of the Nexus line to increasing droves consumers wising up and wishing to escape anything that distances their phone from the latest version of Android plus Google’s apps, also this. Yet Samsung and the others insist on thinking its in their interests to keep rolling with the damn skins, last I heard, all of which cannot be (easily) fully uninstalled. And with Samsung selling most Android phones, the TouchWiz experience is lining itself up to be the de facto Google phone experience.

Maybe it already is. Yeah, I suppose it is. I didn’t bother googling it but I suppose that good ol’ “pure Google experience” is actually rare on the Android device shelves, something you might have to actually switch carriers to find. That’s bullshit Google. That ain’t right. FFS.

This is not a problem with the iPhone of course, I believe not with those Windows Phones either. Google, you’re being too damn open here. I’m under the strong impression that most Android phones have perverted out-of-the-box UIs, I suspect it’s not doing you any favors, so tell these damn companies, please, to knock it off if they want the Google software and branding and market included in their future phones. How? I suppose tell them if they think consumers want their crap that they can get it on Google Play. Let OEMs differentiate themselves with the quality and creativity they throw into the original equipment they manufacture, not this cancer. Clamp down, Google, just clamp down now. Damn.

The other day I think I actually saw something about Samsung making their own app market. I Ctrl+W’ed real quick, but it’s still lingering in my head. Someone please tell me I got that wrong, a third party Android app markets being assembled by Samsung. Lie to me if necessary.

Doug Simmons


  1. Doug, I hate to say it, but did you really not see this coming? Google’s whole play has been “It’s gotta be open” and it is and you don’t want it. But that’s the nice thing about Google right, you don’t have to get the GSIII or One or One X or One S or RAZR or RAZR HD or RAZR MAXX or RAZR MAXX HD, you can just get the Nexus 4 and have that vanilla experience. So why do all these people keep buying the GSIII?
    Is .1 inches more screen really that good? no.
    Is it that solid plastic feel that people feel confident their phone will withstand the occasional drop? No
    Is it that amazing camera they put on the back? No (NL920 is da shiz fyi)
    Then it’s gotta be all that proprietary crapware they load on and market the hell out of everywhere!
    What is it that’s so appealing the GSIII, I bought it, used it, for 13 days, wasn’t impressed and returned it. So it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • No effing way people are buying Samsung phones because of their proprietary crapware, no way. And I will prove it with a new poll on the stupid sidebar shortly.

      And then maybe this guy will come back and settle it for us:

      XX.YYY.ZZZ.47 – – [26/Feb/2013:14:29:14 -0500] “GET /blankmd.gif HTTP/1.1” 200 304 “http://mobilitydigest.com/easily-remove-bloatware-from-samsungs-android-phones-even-the-gs-iii/” “Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.2; nl-nl; SAMSUNG GT-I9300/I9300XXELLA Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30”

      • Obviously it’s a possibility there are other reasons, but i’m still gonna go with the majority liking the Sammy features, like split screen, the tap/swipe/bump gestures, the galaxy voice command. Depending on the poll setup it may not tell you anything as I also believe many, not all, but many people don’t know half the crap on their stock GSIII isn’t from Google, but is actually Samsung.

    • C’mon dude, most people and by ‘most’ I mean the VAST majority of the people who buy android phones don’t know, nor care about what “enhancements” have been made.
      “Can I text, go on the internt, facebook, twitter, instgram (<–still don't get that one)? Ok, I'll take what the carrier is pushing in my face."

  2. Actually the Moto RAZR HD and the rest are pretty scaled down compared to Sammy and HTC with it’s UI (cough) enhancements. That’s yet another reason I like Moto the best out of all Android Devices. That and the build quality is outstanding.

  3. 1. Caught reading emails (later they fired those scapegoats)
    2. screw up search results (you pay money, I push you to the top even though you are very little relevant there)
    3. You didn’t secure your WiFi, I will fix it for you by announcing it to public, so they could surf hot, and steam videos.
    4. I steal and copy ideas from my competitors and release it free, let OEM screw themselves by facing courts for, little I care.

    Yes, Google is too open about screwing you openly. There you go I fixed it for you.

    • Must be baffling to see your beloved, innocent pure Microsoft left in the dust on many fronts by a company whose business model fits your four bullet points. Thanks for fixing my article but perhaps you should now go back to fixing your 64GB Surface Pro to free up another half gig of space in time for the next Patch Tuesday or hibernation attempt.

      • Well my Surface RT is 64GB and pro is 128 GB. There I fixed it for you.

        I don’t have to free up space because I have few 100GB cloud storage that I could use it for storage. I also can use external HD or MicroSDXC (currently 64GB) and of course USB Flash Drive up to 128GB until now.

        Now regarding 100GB free space, you could check my upcoming article.

  4. Well while I’ll agree I with you that I don’t prefer touch wiz over vanilla, I find that it doesn’t bother me that much. It seems like a lightly skinned version of stock and i like some of the features like the pop out video player. I switched back to the official touch wiz rom after I f’ed up my phone with cm10.1. Long story short my gps stopped working and the only fix was to return to stock. I decided to give it another shot. I don’t think I will be upgrading soon. I find that with the stock ROM my audio, Bluetooth and general stability is much better than the “stable” cm10 build. I don’t fault the cm team they do amazing work for free but touch wiz isn’t too much of a nuisance for me to deal with the unstableness of cm. Battery life seemed about the same and since I started using greenify my battery life has noticeably improved.

  5. I guess more on topic to the question you asked is the manufactures feel they have to skin the devices to differentiate themselves. They claim the carriers demand it. It kind of makes sense because if you had three phones made by different manufacturers all with the same software and roughly the same hardware which would a consumer choose and why? But I agree why can’t at least one make a vanilla experience outside of the nexus program. I get very jealous every time my wife gets the latest update on her gnex and I realize that my phone is probably never going to get another official update. Also how does google solve this problem except by producing the hardware themselves? I think the answer is if you really care about the stock experience stick with the nexus line. Heck even Nokia did a little bit of this by having certain features for the lumia line first before they were rolled out to other windows phones.

  6. > I’d largely attribute the exponentially rising success of the Nexus line to increasing droves consumers wising up and wishing to escape anything that distances their phone from the latest version of Android …

    If consumers were wise they would chose a more modern Phone, it is not their wiseness but their cheapness that prevails.

    The “Google Nexus 4” is much cheaper than the “Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus” which is virtually the same (as far as the average Consumer is concerned).

    The “Google Nexus 4” offers last year’s technology at next years prices. It can be purchased directly from a large, well known Company (built by another large well known Company) for slightly more than last year’s Contract Prices, yet it is fully unlocked.

    It is good enough and affordable for most People, and that is why People buy it.

    It is NOT selling unbelievably well because it is “the Best” nor does the average Person buy it for the RAW Android Experience.

    People see the big Name, the shiny Phone, the low Price, and the no Contract. That is what drives their decision.

    • Okay, people may see that, and also the point I offered too. A bit of both?

      By the way, would it be possible for you to use more unnecessary quotation marks and capitalized letters? I think it has artistic potential, just need to extend it to a more ludicrous degree.

      • .. and would it be possible for YOU to STFU finally?

        Nope, of course not, not the way your wired.

        Nice though, insulting your readers like that. But I thought you were trying to increase your audience, not the opposite.

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