Man it was getting scary there for a minute. We know WP7 lacks HTML5 and Flash is 6 months off. Well a YouTube app is now confirmed. Also confirmed: An AT&T Uverse apps, NYTimes Reader, Yelp, Free Throw Challenge, BobbleHead (make yourself into a bobblehead). Here’s a picture that Justin Angel from Vertigo put together of the icons from marketplace:

Also interesting to note that YouTube is an addon to the Music Hub. I’d expect it to be a part of the picture HUB (since that’s photos and videos). Oh and those icons that have slightly rounded type corners. I beg you – remove that. It’s not inline wit the UI so let’s just all agree that it’s squares and live with it.

via Justin Angel


  1. I’m glad to see the apps are coming and confirmed.First to market usually is the big winner and I can’t wait to see the momentum WP7’s market has at launch.

  2. Well I guess it’s good that they are offering a YouTube app on Marketplace as HTC won’t have the ability to tuck it away in the Windows directory as they have done in the past.

  3. Saw the demo video for that Unite game. UI is a bit rough, but the concept is solid. It’s a nice change up from the standard Teeter ball-in-a-hole formula. (Even though I love Teeter.)

  4. Yes the videos are in the (Music & Videos) hub and having Youtube be a tie-in with that hub means that when you are in the mood for music or videos and watching them on your phone you don’t have to leave the hub and Youtube will probably be accessed as an additional menu option. Integration indeed.

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