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BUILD me up.

build me up buttercupMicrosoft is going to be kicking off their BUILD developer conference tomorrow, starting at 11:30 am EST.  I’m giving you EST because that’s where I live and I’m too lazy to convert.  There are going to be live streams and live blogs galore but that’s not why you’re here.  You’re here because you like your news like baby birds like their dinner: digested.  Come on back tomorrow after you read all the boring news sites that simply spew information at your face like you’re some sort of marketing target and get a good dose of sarcasm, whit, cynicism, and maybe some just friends spooning along with your digested mobility news.  This type of event also typically sparks off some heated email debates about the relevance of Windows Phone finally mattering/catching up/having always been better than either Android/IPhone/Blackbe… ha.  Never mind.  I couldn’t even take that last one seriously either.  Either way it will involve most of us developing and making sensible and logical explanations of our beliefs and then being berated by Simmons for having opinions in the first place.  Either way, all of us here at Mobility Digest look forward to spending the next few days ruminating and digesting whatever Nokiasoft happens to unleash on us unsuspecting public tomorrow.

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