imageWe’ve mentioned Ztitch in the past. It’s the app that lets you take multiple photos and stitch them together to create a 3D image. And they note it’s not just a 2D image, “Ztitch allows you to place the photos you captured inside a 3D space to give your panorama an enhanced look and feel”. It’s $1.29 in the market but there’s no trial. If you test it share with the group. I’m thinking I have to try this one…WP7 definitely filled the photo editing needs anyone could want.



  1. In a word, awesome! If it ever gets updated and refined so much the better but for now i’m still giving it an “awesome” rating.

  2. I bought it (been waiting for it since i saw it on youtube) and it lived up to my expectation. It’s actually pretty good. You drag and drop the pics urself so you don’t need to worry about inaccuracies. The ‘about’ page also promises real-time stitching in future updates possibly because the current phone OS doesn’t support compass.

  3. I didn’t see any way to save off the created photo, which kinda made the app seem pointless to me. Did I miss something?

  4. from what i recall you have to tap on the ‘finish’ button to save. Then you load up the ztitch in the load menu. My iphone friends were pretty impressed

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