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VZ’s #2 Exec Slams Windows Phone 7 And Microsoft As Irrelevant

Cnet interviewed VZ’s #2 executive, Lowell McAdam. What did he have to say about Windows Phone 7? Here it is, verbatim:

What about Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 phones? Microsoft is launching new Windows Mobile 7 phones next week on AT&T’s network. Will Verizon offer some new Windows Mobile 7 devices on the LTE network?
McAdam: I can’t really say which phones we’ll offer yet. We like our relationship with Microsoft. But clearly in the U.S. there are three major mobile operating systems: RIM, Google, and Apple.

So you don’t view Microsoft as a major player in mobile anymore?
McAdam: No not at the moment. Microsoft is not at the forefront of our mind.

Does this have anything to do with the short-lived Microsoft Kin? That was kind of a mess. (Editor’s note: The Kin was a "social media" phone that was only on the market for less than two months earlier this year before Microsoft pulled it and halted development in lieu of Windows Mobile 7. It was offered exclusively on Verizon Wireless.)
McAdam: This really goes back to what I said earlier about how innovation in wireless devices and applications is moving so quickly. Our device suppliers have to demonstrate to us that they will be developing leading edge products. And if they are not leading edge, then we can’t afford to carry them in our stores. But if they are innovative, we’ll offer them.


All I can say is Wow…And now the AT&T premier partnership thing makes a lot more sense…