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MobilityLeaks: Words with Friends

thToday in MobilityLeaks: DavidK cheats at Words with Friends!

DavidK: My AT&T store still has no new stock and no word on when any stock is coming in. If I don’t have it tomorrow i’m ordering online which screws with my account a bit but they’ve left me with no options 😉

iDoug: There is always this option.

Ram: Smith, never leave an opportunity, Huh. BTW, you made my day.

JimS: -infinity for Smith 🙂

MartiM: “Failure is not an option.”  -Gene Krantz, Apollo 13

Colby: <3 that comment marti

DavidK: Smith knows he would trade his iPhone 5 for a 920 right now…especially now that those s***ty Zynga games are on WP.

JimS: Yea don’t play Words with Friends with him, he knows all the bulls*** fake Zynga words.  He’s ruthless.

Ram: LOL.

MartiM: Yeah, I learned that the hard way.

Anthony: Just picked up two of em, a red one for the wifey and the black for me.  This is an exceptional phone.

Ramon: Do you feel the shift? Can you feel the drums? The Microsoft drums?!?!?! F*** apple! ©

DavidK: In all of NYC the only in store availability is for the white one.

Ramon: Call att triangle junction.

iDoug: That’s right, Infinity Blade for Doug! Buwahahaha

DavidK: So we’re clear…if I played Words with Friends with you, expect me to cheat 😉

iDoug: you would need all the help you could get.  Anyone play chess? <evil grin>

MartiM: No. Let’s play “Global Thermonuclear War.”