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2005 Nokia 1110 compared to the 2014 Samsung Galaxy S5

It was only 9 years ago. Seriously think back 9 years ago it doesn’t seem that long for us but for mobile devices it seems like an eternity. I have posted before some pictures of my old devices that are worthless but still work. I never had the heart to throw away a device. I actually miss using my Motorola RAZR.


So I get this email today from the fine folks at Mobile Fun comparing the 9 year old Nokia 1111 to the brand spankin’ new Android Flagship device Samsung Galaxy S5. IT’s pretty amazing where we have come in so little time. Can you remember you first smart mobile phone? How about your first smart phone? Leave a comment and reminisce a little. Would like to hear from everyone.

I normally do not post external links but I will make an exception here because it is pretty interesting.


Then and Now infographic: Nokia 1110 vs Galaxy S5 via Mobile Fun