If you are looking for a discount on some software you have had an I on for a while, here it is. Handango  is running a 25% off sale good for today only.

Also, make sire you head on over to their current advertisement page for additional promotions. And as always, stay tuned for Free App Friday!

Handango Mid Summer 25% Off Sale Click Here


  1. That’s probably fairly accurate. While they also offer apps for Blackberry, Symbian, Palm and Android, Windows Mobile has always been a big part of Handango’s and Pocket Gear’s (Handango acquired them recently) offering. I have gotten several private 25, 40 and 50% off coupons over the past few months and have used them to fill some of my tier two apps (things I would like to have but don’t want to pay full price for). Now that I am dug in with my Tilt2 for the next 18-24 months I will have plenty to play with while I watch WP7 evolve.

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