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2K Holiday Sale for Mobile iOS Games

Yeah so I didn’t post anything yesterday.. had a family issue the last couple days I had to deal with. For now it’s taken care of, so I can get back to my duties! So I’ve got a quick post for you and it’s basically an announcement to let you know that 2K is having a holiday sale of mobile iOS games until January 2nd!



2K Games is having a big mobile sale to celebrate the holidays! A handful of our iOS mobile titles are on sale now through January 2nd, 2013! The list of games and their prices during the sale are below, and for more info you can check out the 2K blog here:

Borderlands Legends – $0.99 on iPhone and iPad
Carnival Games Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – $.99 on iPhone
Civ Rev – $0.99 on iPhone and iPad
Pirates – $0.99 on iPhone and iPad
NBA 2K13 – $2.99 for iPhone and iPad
NHL 2K11 – $0.99 on iPhone and iPad