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Is Your iPhone 5 Experiencing A Purple Flare Effect?


Anybody who admits they are human gets that nobody or nothing is perfect. Even if you are a delusional fanboy/fangirl and think your favorite company walks on water there comes a point of realization that you’re just kidding yourself. Apple, such a company to many, is showing that those in charge of the most valuable company in the world are human. Scratches and small dents on the Black (mostly) iPhone 5 surfaced shortly after enough arrived on the doorsteps of loyal and enthusiastic buyers. Then we got the static line on the keyboard, but these are small when we consider the disappointing debut of the iOS6 native Apple Maps. More than enough has been written about the Maps that I can move on to the newest quality control issue-a purple haze/flare that appears on some photos.

TechnoBuffalo independently confirmed that the effect is real. The effect seems to be produced when taking a picture directly into bright light such as direct sunlight or by a bright lamp. It is more than likely the result of the smaller sensor in the iPhone 5 reacting poorly to the violet light. The pursuit of greatness has tradeoffs and rest assured the iPhone 5 is still the best iPhone Apple has produced. Sadly the sum of all these issues tarnishes the pristine reputation Apple has cultivated over the past 5 years. Is this a blip on the screen or is this an indication that “premium” has lost its meaning in Cupertino?

iPhone5purpleflareImage credit: TechnoBuffalo

Source: TechnoBuffalo