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A Bunch Of WP7 Games and Apps

OK, instead of hitting you with a bunch of posts, here’s a consolidated post with a bunch of nice games and aps that have been demoed for Windows phone 7 today.

Let’s start with a 3D Puzzle Game called SkyBox. it’s a neat concept. You have a 3D image and you need to rotate and manipulate the image to find the 2D image that’s hidden. It’s pretty cool. here’s the video:

From RoguePlanetoid we get two apps that let you be more social (which we’ve previewed before but are now complete). First up is GameCardr which will be a free application that let’s you view any Xbox Live Gamer Card based on Gamer Tag and you can download their cards to view offline. You can learn more at and here it is in action:

And his other app is ZuneCardr which will let you view Zune Cards of Zune Social members using Zune Tags to view favorite tracks, recent artists played, badges earned and profile. Information can be found at and here it is in action:

We’ve already shown you Mo Words in demo but now you can see it in final form and actually playing against another WP7 user. It’s not using the new WP7 turn-by-turn gaming capabilities though – it’s third party.It is a good Scrabble like game though and it even shows you a definition of the word that’s played. It also looks like you can play more than one game at a time. Looks great:

And next up is Gym Tracker…a gym tracker app (bet you didn’t see that coming). The demo shows you the UI and it looks very easy to enter data quickly which makes it useful:

And finally through WMPU we learned that Farmville is coming to Windows Phone 7. That should keep people staring at their phones.

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