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A Few Valentine’s Day Apps

After mentioning Love Meter for Windows Phones we were sent a link to Geekaphone who put together a short list of Valentine’s Day apps, which are mostly iPhone and Android apps.  It ranges from Date Check (which does background checks) to apps that help you find a bottle of wine, or help with a good line when you need it. Even an app to test if you’re a good kisser Anyway, you can find them here.

And if you want some Windows Phone equivalents, a quick perusal of the Marketplace led to Event Search ($.99\free trial) or Where (free) to find club spots; MyKisser7 tests if you’re a good kisser ($.99); Love Quotes (free) and 1,000 Love Quotes as…uhm love quotes; there are four fake call apps; for wine both Wine Steward and Food and Wine Pairing seem to have high reviews ($3/free trial); and there are two apps called Valentine Hearts that are $.99 (one has a free trial). OK fine, let’s end this right: iKamasutra is on sale for $.99 instead of the usual $2.99.

Sorry for being a bit late with this one but if you have any recommendations share them now before it’s really too late.