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A foot is a step in the right direction: PI Wireless Charging

And then there’s this.

Simmons: Well a foot is a step in the right direction (though electromagnetic waves weaken exponentially over distance), but my crystal ball says the world craves being able to charge anywhere in their home or office without either plugging in or laying down one’s phone within centimeters or even inches from some pad or whatever, and the sooner people with that technology can send an order to China to start stamping out the equipment the easier it will be for them to get a foot in this door.

For now though it sounds like that technology is vaporware. Maybe the FCC doesn’t like it. Maybe the technology is too complicated or impossible and there isn’t even a prototype. Not gonna happen in the foreseeable future says my crystal ball, otherwise all these companies would be rolling with it aggressively, not very short range.

Does wireless charging, or receiving the magic teleporting power, have inefficiency to it that results in a hotter phone per watt swallowed? Heat is the enemy of battery longevity.
Jimski: Wireless charging is all about convenience. Not necessarily charging quickly. The back of my phone gets a little warm after a full charge. But no warmer than watching a video, or searching for a distant LTE signal.

I recommend having multiple wireless charging stations. My house isn’t all that big, so I have two; one in my bedroom and one at my desk. Others might want three. One at work props the phone up so you can still use it while charging. And the portable block for the car, restaurants, or anywhere. With a wire, your compelled to plug it in and leave it till fully charged. With wireless, you drop it on a pad, pick it up, put it down again, pick it up again. All in the period of a minute or two. Just drop it on a pad anytime your not using it. In the shower, preparing dinner, changing diapers, feeding junior. Each time it foes on a pad, it’s getting a charge. So, by the end of the day, you may still have 50% or more remaining. Leave it on the pad overnight to top it off. Wireless changes the way you charge your phone. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

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