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The boss is back

Mobility Digest has seen its fair share of glory days over the years. Super star writers, contributors, initiatives and tons more. But the last two years have been a change in pace for many different reasons.

With life in full swing, Smith needed a hand at the helm, so he passed on the duties. While running in the front, I’ve tried various tactics and approaches to our many issues here at MD. Some were resolved with grace, others took a huge team effort and some are still outstanding today. But through it all, I learned a lot from the staff members here and the brand itself; I hope my contributions were well received all the same.

And now, the boss returned! After a brief chat with Smith, we were both on the same page. His baby needed him back more than ever. Now with a bit more time and a new set of commitments, I gracefully step down to hand over the EOC titles back to Mr. Douglas (lol so much better than saying Doug) Smith!

:: Sound the trumpets! ::